Ampli Nghe Nhạc Sugden Audio Stemfoort SF-200


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✓ Ampli công suất 100W
✓ Sản xuất chính hãng tại Anh Quốc



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Thông tin sản phẩm

Product Description

Sugden Stemfoort SF-200 passive line power amplifier provides a direct signal path for all of your analogue inputs. Unlike a standard integrated amplifier with an in-built pre-amplifier, SF-200 is fully passive.

Passive Line

This lets the signal travel from a CD player, DAC or streamer passing through a volume control and straight to the power amplifier. The passive input is optimised via a meticulously manufactured high impedance FET input stage on the power amplifier. The SF-200 utilises a complex low gain high sensitivity circuit matched to the configuration of the line level input.

Dynamic control

SF-200 power amplifier features a wide bandwidth reproducing frequencies between 6 Hertz – 120 kilo Hertz. This preserves all the low frequency detail and nuances to authentically replicate the atmosphere of a recording. This bandwidth delivers exceptional dynamic performance for streaming of high resolution audio formats such as 24/192, DSD and SACD.

High Res Capability

The widespread availability of these high-res music files makes it essential to own an amplifier with a greater dynamic range. SF-200 exploits a huge power supply for exceptional tone bursts and powerful 100 Watt per channel output. There is ample current on reserve leading to a greater degree of loudspeaker control and powerful deep bass where required.

Complex Design

There are countless features to discover which provide a highly sophisticated design. All inputs are relay switched which retains the shortest possible signal path. A motorised analogue volume control is operated by a supplied remote control or can be manually turned. This is a high quality component to ensure the least possible signal degradation.

Output Stage

The output stage incorporates a rapid protection circuit protecting against incorrect connections or disruptions to the mains supply. A unique feature of the SF-200 is its ability to remain operational even if the mains voltage drops 30%. This feature is the result of developing a very stable and robust power supply and amplifier circuit.

Quality Component

Military spec signal wiring eliminates interference from power supplies while the custom designed transformer is assembled inside a steel substructure to minimise noise and vibration. The quality components were selected for consistency and performance, low inductance resistors substitute standard components in crucial areas of the signal path.

Top-Grade Bodywork

The front panel is a sturdy 10mm thick pre-milled aluminium panel featuring a top-grade material typically used for medical instruments, aerospace and robotic systems.
The case material is also imbued with steel or aluminium which are either anodised, galvanised or powder coated for durable and lasting aesethics. Fine-finishing is conducted in house to ensure total quality control.


Stemfoort SF-200 is produced in Britain by J E Sugden & Co Limited. Each amplifier is handmade by a very skilled technician with years of experience. All circuit boards are hand soldered and free from surface mount components that can degrade sound quality.
A rigorous and continuous test procedure is conducted during construction including power amplifier module pre-test, sub assembly test, built chassis test and final bench and spec test.

Ampli Nghe Nhạc Sugden Audio Stemfoort SF-200


Thông số kỹ thuật
  • - Công suất: 100 W x 2
  • - Đáp ứng tần số: 6Hz - 120 kHz (-/+0.1 dB)
  • - Đường vào: RCA x 5
  • - Điều kiển từ xa: x 1
  • - Kích thước: 115 x 430 x 360mm
  • - Khối lượng: 16 kg
  • - Sản xuất: Anh Quốc

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